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Monday, 2 April 2012

From the 19th – 21st March, just before we went on our family trip to Christchurch, Shane went with his class to Mavora Lakes. He had an awesome time and they had three days of fantastic weather, which was great because they were camping in tents.

Building up to the camp, other students who had gone before him had told him it was a boring camp, so he wasn’t really looking forward to it all that much. But he came home on Wednesday saying that he’d had a great time. He thinks the kids who found it boring were probably not into tramping. Shane’s always loved tramping. He was born in the right country, because NZ has so many amazing bush walks, and Mavora did not let him down.

One of the highlights of the trip that he talks about was the walk that some of them did around the lakes and up to the peak of the mountain. It took 6 hours to get to the top, and only about 15 minutes “Scree-running” back down again! Shane said it was tough and exhausting, but he was glad that when he was given the choice to go on the walk or stay back at camp, he chose to do the walk. And the views from the top were breathtaking (as you’ll see in the photos below) and well worth the effort. I was proud of him for choosing to go on the walk. He came home covered in scrapes and bruises from the scree-running, but he also had a sense of achievement, and the way he talked about the climb I just knew he’d experienced something truly special. The kids who chose to stay back at camp went rafting, which he got to do anyway.

During the trip, Shane used some of the photography skills he learned in a course he did last year. He came home with so many amazing photos it was impossible to choose which ones to share, so we have put them together in a slideshow.
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