At the beginning of 2012...

Age: 13
Best thing about being 13? Being able to socialise without my parents
And the worst thing? Not getting to hang out with my friends enough

Height: 158.5cm

My best mates are: Callum


I am in Year 9 at school.
My favourite subject: Art
My best subjects: Art, Latin
My worst subject: Maths
What I’m most looking forward to: Turning 14
What I’m really dreading: Starting high school

My Favourites

Favourite music: Mike Tompkins, Jessie J
But I really DO NOT like: Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber

Favourite movies: 127 hours
But I really DO NOT like: Phantom of the Opera

Favourite TV shows: The Simpsons, Modern Family, Raising Hope, The Middle, anything by Chris Lilley
But I really DO NOT  like: South Park, Vampire Diaries

Favourite celebrity: Mike Tompkins,
But I really DO NOT like: Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Joey from Friends

Favourite Food: Triple Cheeseburgers
But I really DO NOT like: stew

My Wishlist

*  Xbox 360
* All 4 Assassin’s Creed games
* Ipod Touch
* Laptop
* Nintendo Wii

Goals for 2012

Get through Year 9
Save up for Xbox 360

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