A Catch-up

Sunday, 3 June 2012

It’s been a while since we updated Shane’s blog. Sorry for the slackness, it’s been a busy time. Shane’s been busy too, with lots happening at school. Here are a few of the highlights:

~ He was awarded merits for his Rhys Darby project in Social Studies, and also in Latin.

~ His merit for guitar was upgraded to Excellence after he learned to play a new song without looking. When the guitar module ended for his music class he decided he would like to continue with it and so he signed up for beginner guitar lessons. Shiloh loves listening to him play.

~ The family was given a new Xbox 360. Shane had been praying for one for quite a while, so he was absolutely stoked with the new games to play. His favourite game is Assassin’s Creed (as you can tell by the theme of his blog) so he is really happy to have the Xbox so now he can play it at home.

~ Shane participated in the Language Olympics on Language Perfect. It was a ten day online event, with students earning as many points as they can by learning new words in their chosen language to achieve Gold, Silver or Bronze medals. Shane joined in with his Latin class and earned a silver medal. He came 2nd in his class (he was a little disappointed because it was a very close second) with a score of 2875.

~ Shane has discovered PicMonkey in the last few days and has been having fun editing photos. Here are a few of his favourites so far{click to enlarge}:


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