Christchurch Trip

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The day after Shane got back from School Camp we were off to Christchurch for a week for Aunty Karla and Uncle Iain’s wedding. We had a great time and the trip was filled to the brim with heaps of fun and great memories.

Here’s a few photos {click to enlarge}:

Stopped for a break in driving | Throwing stones across the river

Auryn became Shane's wee shadow 

Carving it up on the dance floor with Josh

A special dance with Nana

First time on a scooter | Waiau

Hanmer Springs

Hanmer Springs hot pools

Ahhhh soooo chillaxxxed

Shane writes:
My favourite part of all will have to be us going to Hanmer Springs. Although I felt bad for Mum and Aunty Nellie that they couldn’t go in I still had so much fun. The thing that I will never forget there would be when Neihana almost threw up in the sulphur pools. The thing I enjoyed most would be the diving with Neihana and trying to convince some random that we spoke a different language. (It worked.) the thing I was most disappointed about was not being able to eat all my fish ‘n’ chips. I don’t know why I was but yeah. The thing I hated was losing Neihana’s necklace because he went mad at me and once I found it he wouldn’t stop going on. The thing I hated most about going to Hanmer Springs was having to leave because I had so much fun there.

Thank you Uncle Charlie and Aunty Nellie for paying for us. I can’t believe you spent that much on us.


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