A good start

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Shane made this necklace and the box for it in Design Technology. He has been working on it for most of the term. He completed it in class today and was pleased with the result, especially because he got a merit for it. It’s the first merit he has received for something at high school.

He also brought home his graduation report today.  At his school they are updated each term on where they stand in terms of passing or failing. They evaluate each of his classes by grading them with a percentage, and then their overall average percentage indicates whether they will graduate the year or not. Minimum level of achievement for graduation is 65%. Shane is currently sitting at 95% and is achieving at 100% for all his subjects except English and Maths (94% so still excellent), and Social Studies (75% - and we had only just discussed this class last night and come up with a plan to improve for next term).

So he is doing well, and has made a good start to the school year.


  1. gillicuddy said...:

    Awesome stuff Shane well done, so proud of you.

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