Waitangi Day

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Today was Waitangi today so the kids and Chris all had the day off. We went for a walk along the Forest Hill track this morning. 

Forest Hill  track; Neihana looking up at a wood pigeon.

Shane spent most of the time complaining that it was boring and refusing to let me take any pictures of him. 

Avoiding obstacles.

The only picture I got of Shane - and I had to be sneaky just to get this!

He did seem to enjoy throwing sticks in the weta cave though.  We also spotted a wood pigeon, and a cute little fantail that followed us for a while.

weta cave

wood piegon

Ham & salad rolls for lunch, and some chips in front of a movie afterwards.

Shiloh feeling the moss on the trees.

Then Shane mowed the lawns (his first time) with Dad. What a legend.


  1. gillicuddy said...:

    Poor Shane, having to go at Mum's pace, no wonder he was bored.

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